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Looking to buy a streaming player? Many options are there in front of you. However, you need to compare the available options before buying any one. Let’s have a look at 3 Netgear TV streaming players. What they offer and whether any of them worth buying?


Netgear TV - Netgear PTV3000-100NAS Push2TV


netgear tvThe Netgear PTV3000-100NAS Push2TV displays the screen of your tablet, Smartphone or your laptop on the television screen and works best with the Intel ultrabooks as well as the Intel laptops along with working well for Sony xperia, LG optimus G and others. The media player supports up to 1080p resolution and hence provides excellent picture quality. The entire package contains essential materials like Power adapters; hand in manual to start the player and USB cable and the media player is of the standard dimension of 84 x 51 x 12 mm.



The media player is absolutely light weight and all of 48 g therefore making it an excellent portable device. On buying the product, one gets free customer care support for the first three months. During this time, one can talk to the customer care representatives by calling them or sending mail and can be assured to get a prompt reply and service free of cost. The Netgear TV player comes with a built in Wi-Fi system.



The package does not contain HDMI cable and one need to buy it separately. The warranty term of the product is restricted to the country where you have bought it. This means that you cannot travel with it while on the go.



The Netgear PTV3000-100NAS Push2TV is a standard Netgear product and comes with a lot of positive features that makes it a worth try product.


Average Amazon Customer Rating: 3 Stars out of 5
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Netgear TV - Netgear NeoTV Max Streaming Player NTV300SL

netgear tv

The Netgear NeoTV Max Streaming Player NTV300SL is the perfect fit for your drawing room since it has been termed as one of the most advanced Netgear TV players that has been launched in the market.



It can stream more than hundred TV channels of High definition quality. The Ethernet port is wired to ensure swift connection. It works well with just any television set and there is no standard recommendation. The remote control comes with QWERTY keypad that makes it even easier to use. It has in built Wi-Fi network. The player can play files from both DNLA servers as well as USB storage. It has excellent sound performance with 5.1 specialized Dolby digital audio. The set up guide is easy to access and one can set up the player very easily.



The only probable con of the product is that an HDMI cable is not included in the package and hence one will need to buy it from outside in case a need arises.



Out and out, the Netgear NeoTV Max Streaming Player NTV300SL makes for an excellent media player that lets you stream movies seamlessly without any trouble or problems or browse various videos to download your favorite audio file. One can play any personal media with the help of this device. Overall, this particular Netgear product has been successful in grabbing eyeballs from critics and customers, all for the good reason.


Average Amazon Customer Rating: 3 Stars out of 5

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Netgear TV - Netgear GTV100-100NAS NeoTV Prime with Google TV

netgear tv
Thinking of buying a Google TV player and still wondering which product to choose, then look no further than the Netgear GTV100-100NAS NeoTV Prime with Google TV. The player claims to get set in less than ten minutes and thus ensures that you can start browsing the web on your television set in a jiffy. One can enjoy innumerable number of libraries on Google Play, can download and enjoy loads of applications, easily stream movies from Google and browse videos and music files without any hitch.



Is it good?


Well for those who do not have a clue regarding the features of this product, Netgear GTV100-100NAS NeoTV Prime with Google TV is bundles with a built in Wi-Fi connection, a one year warranty from Netgear, Bluetooth remote that also includes keyboard as well as touchpad and such other features. Overall the product seems to be good for those who are keen on purchasing a Google TV since they do not have any major cons apart from the fact that they cannot stream HBO GO due to a technical snag from their end. This apart, the streaming player is great and is recommended for official and private use. You should have a look at it before considering anything else.

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