Magnavox MDR533H/F7 HDD/DVD Recorder

Magnavox MDR533H/F7 HDD/DVD Recorder

Don’t miss your favorite shows while you are away on a trip or even working at the office. The Magnavox MDR533H/F7 HDD/DVD Recorder helps you watch anything you want, even if the hour that the show is broadcasted is not one that you can spend watching TV.

Main benefits

-Magnavox is able to record up to 371 hours of video shows for you to watch any time you want. It has a built in hard disk where it will store your recorded material. Depending on the quality of the recorded videos, this memory can become larger (lower quality videos will fill less space on the hard disk). This way, if you set it on SD mode, a 500 GB hard disk will be able to record 620 hours of video.

-you can add an up to 1 TB memory hard disk, so that you have enough memory to store videos or other files, and you can Swap your hard disk with someone else’s if you want to view their content. It’s that easy: just plug in the new hard disk and you can start browsing through your friends’ videos


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-is able to perform 4 dubbing styles, from HDD to DVD, from DVD to HDD, from DV to HDD and from DV to DVD ( Obviously this can be done if the DVD is not copy protected ). Dubbing the material allows you to store your favorite shows while keeping the memory of the Magnavox free for whatever will be recorded next

-in the time that you are recording live TV with the Magnavox you will be able to pause, play, forward or rewind the video. It gives you the option to cut off the commercials or any other type of material that you want out of your recordings and also edit the recording titles

-the set up is very easy and the streaming device will be fully prepared for use after just a few minutes of plugging in

-produces extraordinary picture quality, up to 1080p  video output though HDMI Cable


-due to the analog audio output connections, the watcher can connect wireless headphones to the device, so that he or she will not disturb anyone when listen to loud music or watching videos late at night


-no monthly bills, one of the few streaming devices that works perfectly ok with an antenna



-does not record HD

For people that are away on business or at work a lot, Magnavox is the best solution when it comes to not missing their favorite shows. The unit is not only able to record, but also to edit the recorded videos. once you get the desired format, the user will be able to transfer them to DVDs and watch them again time after time without limiting the memory of the Magnavox. A great purchase, saves a lot of money and does the job flawlessly.

Sony NSZGS8 Internet Player with Google TV

Every TV can be converted to a smart TV with the aid of a streaming device, but not every streaming device can bring the real web experience on your TV like the Sony NSZGS8 Internet Player with Google TV does. This box is quite a catch, since you do not even have to use the remote to bring entertainment to you, just ask for it by using your own voice. The voice recognition software allows you to tell the TV what you want to watch, and instantly choose from numerous movies, TV entertainment shows or websites that you want to open just by saying it out loud.

Sony NSZGS8 gives you access to Google Play Store, an unlimited source of entertainment apps from where to choose from. Not to mention that lots of applications, like YouTube, Netflix, Pandora, Amazon Instant Video are pre-installed on the device and you can download lots more from the Google Play Store. There you get access to all the applications that are available for the smart phones, and you can enjoy watching movies, listening to music, staying up to date with the news or playing games on a much wider screen that you got used to. Just press the button and you will be able to watch your favorite YouTube videos on the big screen once you paired your smart phone or your tablet with the TV. One other top favorite app is Prime Time, which gives you access to more than 100,000 movies and TV episodes, and allows you to choose from an endless number of TV shows and entertainment programs easier than ever before.

The built in  Google Chrome browser allows you to experience internet surfing at a higher speed that you have ever done before and on a larger screen, things that will make this experience a lot more pleasant for you. Due to the featured Flash Media Player you also have access to web sites that you were not able to open on the smart phone or the tablet without using this device.

Apart from the voice command application, the device can be controlled by using the remote control that comes in the box with it. The remote can be used on both sides: on one side it has a qwerty keyboard, and on the other a touch pad which works just like the one that you have on your laptop. And the device is so smart as to know which of the sides it facing up, so you don’t have to worry about touching the other side by mistake.  A salutary step ahead is the picture in picture function, allowing you to watch a movie and browse the internet at the same time, without interrupting any of them.

You have two options when it comes to connecting the device to the internet. You can use a cable connection or you can just use the built-in WIFI and connect wirelessly without any cables lying on the floor. It is entirely up to you, the player will work fine both ways.

A drawback for the Sony NSZGS8 is the fact that you can not get  HBO GO or HULU plus.

VIZIO Co-Star Stream Player With Google TV – VAP430

This small weight, mini sized streaming device is especially designed to bring TV watching to another level. Get Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, M-GO, play games through OnLive, listen to music from iHeartRadio and Pandora on the TV that you would bet couldn’t have done more than transmit a few channels from your local cable company. Lots of movies and TV series, entertainment programs and listen to free music just by connection the small miracle box to your HDTV.

Having access to Google Search will improve significantly your chances of getting the results that you like and finding exactly the content that you are looking for. More easily and with less effort that you had to spend before to produce the same effect. Google Search gets the results by searching all possible sources ( live, local or streaming ) to get the best result in no time. Apart from Google Search you get access to Google Play, the biggest online app market which guarantees you to find an app for everything that you wish to do: whether you just want to have fun, or help your work become easier to handle. Browse through thousands of applications o find the perfect one for you, and read descriptions or customer reviews to help you take the best decision.

Watching TV and searching through applications can be done at the same time. You can actually watch a movie and browse the web without interrupting it. Gaming too is a wonderful experience when using the VIZIO Co-Star Stream Player, you get the same experiences as when playing on  console. Do not be puzzled by its reduced sizes, this device is powerful enough to transform any HDTV into the ultimate entertainment provider.

The installation process of the VIZIO is a piece of cake. You just need to connect it to the power source and connect the cable or the satellite via the HDMI ports to the TV. Just as simple as that. Then you can start enjoying the best entertainment experience of your life, browsing the internet in search of new information and ways to spend your time more pleasantly.

Control your VIZIO with the help of the two-faced IR remote. One side of the remote is provided with a qwerty keyboard, which allows you to search more easily and type the description of the things you are looking for. The other one is a touch pad. The thing to do is to be careful how you hold it in order to get the signal straight to the box, otherwise it may miss some of the commands that you are giving it. This is not necessarily a shortcoming when it comes to the mechanism of the remote, but more of a system meant to make sure that you do not press on the other side of the control by mistake.

Sling Media Slingbox 500

Sling Media Slingbox 500
Sling Media Sling Box 500, as purchased from Amazon transforms your living room into a genuine cinema hall, allowing you to experience 1080p high definition directly on your TV. Take pleasure into looking at your photos and watch your favorite movies and control your TV with a slide on your smart phone or tablet. The sling media Sling Box 500 transform your smart TV into a smarter one, enhancing its features.

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IOGEAR GW3DHDKIT Wireless 3D Digital Kit

IOGEAR GW3DHDKIT Wireless 3D Digital Kit
Looking for a streaming device that you can use with one or two HDTV at home? The IOGEAR GW3DHDKIT Wireless 3D Digital Kit is the right answer. It’s very convenient to have just one device to power two TVs, and the most extraordinary thing is that the streaming distance is up to 100 feet away from the IOGEAR and it overpasses through walls.

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Micca Speck 1080p

The Micca Speck 1080p Full-HD Ultra Portable Digital Media Player is a wonderful device meant to attend you and serve your purposes anywhere you are: at home, at the office, and even in your car. You can use it for your own fun, for office presentations or just to distract your kids attention by playing them cartoons on the car video system.

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TiVo Stream Review – Roamio HD Digital Video Recorder

TiVo Stream Review - Ever found yourselves in the dilemma of choosing between two or more great TV shows broadcasting at the same time? These doubts have found their end now, with the help of TiVo Roamio HD Digital Video Recorder and Streaming Media Player (TCD846500). It allows you to record four shows at once so that you will not lose a single thing.

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SiliconDust HD HomeRun PRIME CableCard TV 3-Tuner

For all of those that own an ethernet computer network at home, purchasing a HD HomeRun PRIME is the smartest investment. As soon as you are connecting it to your home router, any computer from the network will be able to access it from anywhere in your home.

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Samsung WI-FI All-Share Cast Hub

Samsung WI-FI All-Share Cast HubSharing around information stocked up on your smart phone or tablet with friends and family has never been easier  than with the Samsung WI-FI All-Share Cast Hub. The Wireless HDMI Display Adapter enables you to show other people pictures, movies and all sorts of other media without passing around your device or using connection cables. The only thing that you have to do is connect the Samsung All Share with a TV or a HDMI compatible screen and you will see the display of your phone over there. Once you did that, just navigate through the menu and the gallery of your device.

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Nyrius Songo HiFi Wireless Bluetooth Audio Streaming Device

The Nyrius Songo HiFi Wireless Bluetooth Audio Streaming Gadget is a device created with the purpose of allowing you to get the best out of your smart phone when it comes to listen music. When connecting the device to your smart pone, the music can be heard through the sound system or the home theater that you have at home, and you will be able to listen it louder and more clear than when you play it on the smart phone or the tablet.

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Jadoo TV Review – Jadoo3-Full HD (1080p) Set-top IPTV Box

Jadoo TV Review - JadooTV Jadoo3-Full HD (1080p)Set-top IPTV Box

Following its two younger brothers, JadooBox and Jadoo 2, Jadoo 3 is an improved version of its predecessors. You will be delighted to find a new and more user friendly interface and a market with available applications for the device. Also, Jadoo 3 comes with a live TV application already installed.

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Actiontec SBWD100A01 ScreenBeam Pro Wireless Display Receiver

The most pleasant way to watch any type of content is on a large screen, where you can fully take pleasure in enjoying high quality images and crystal clear sounds. There are certain types of files, images or videos that you have stocked on your phone, tablet or laptop, and the easiest way to put them on the big screen is using a streaming device like Actiontec SBWD100A01 Screen Beam Pro Wireless Display Receiver.

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The KDLinks 720 is the best media player you will find if you are looking for a high quality device able to play just about any file format. Powered by a Realtek 1186 3D Chipset, the media player will run smoothly once you install it.

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Bluetooth MK808B Android 4.1 TV Stick

The MK808B Mini PC Smart Android 4.1 TV Stick is a fast and stable mini PC having the size and weight of a regular memory stick that you can attach to your TV and enhance its potential: turn it into a smart TV.

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SANOXY Mini PC Android TV Box

The Sanoxy mini PC Android TV box is a very smart gadget packed in a small plastic box, weighing less than 50 g. But don’t let yourselves get fooled by this fragile appearance, because this is a highly performing streaming media device, perfectly equipped for delivering great quality images directly on your screen .

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